Nation Of Hawai’i Malaysia’s Consulate Office Inaugurated, Honorary General Consul Poudel Participated From Nepal
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Jul-26 , 2022 तारिख 08:08 बिहान

Kathmandu -Nation of Hawai’i Malaysia’s consulate office is inaugurated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Consulate office was inaugurated by the Head of State of the Nation of Hawai’i Rt Hon Pu’uhonua D. K. Bumpy Kanahele and Hon. John Kealoha Garcia, 2nd head of state as well as Minister of Foreign Affairs For Independent & Sovereign Nation State of Hawai’i. On behalf of the Nepal Nation of Hawai’i honorary General consul to Nepal, His Excellency Tejendra Sharma Poudel participated in the inaugural ceremony. Even, General consul Poudel was honored with a letter of appreciation at the function. He was jointly honored by the Chief of the State of Hawai’i, Rt Hon Pu’uhonua D. K. Bumpy Kanahele, and the Deputy Chief and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. John Kealoha Garcia. The program organized in Malaysia was held under the auspices of Ambassador at Large Nation of Hawai’i Wong Kok Wai, Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Consul General Poudel said during the meeting of Honorary consuls and General Consuls of the Nation of Hawai’i he discussed Nepal’s cultural and natural heritage issues along with tourism development, bilateral trade partnership, and investment potential in Nepal. On the occasion, General Consul Poudel took part in separate meetings and discussions with Honorary Consul Generals of the State of Hawai’i for various countries. Honorary General Consul, His Excellency Poudel, during his visit to Malaysia even took initiation to hold discussion sessions at the Nepalese Embassy Kuala Lumpur with his counterparts and distinguished guests. “During the formal programs and meetings, we discussed economic, social, and political issues, including bilateral and multilateral trade, investment in tourism and other areas, friendship, and brotherhood, and I strongly emphasized Nepal’s support for tourism development. I am confident that the visit will be fruitful for the mutual benefit of Nepal and other countries.” Poudel said. He also informed that prominent personalities from several Asian nations were Being Appointed As Honorary Consul of the Nation of Hawai’i.